Conservation Photography: The Big Picture

August 14,2014 by

We can be nature’s eyes. Conservation photography has been a long-time medium for furthering environmental issues and success stories. Beginning in the 1860′s with photographers like Ansel Adams & William Henry Jackson, these images have […]

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Our team in Mali announces recommendations for post-war reconciliation; helping re-establish healthy communities & secure desert elephants

July 11,2014 by

Mali is no longer in the headlines but that does not mean that everything is back to normal! (1) The Gourma region of central Mali –  home to the desert elephants and many […]

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Partnership extended between Rewilding Europe and WILD

June 26,2014 by

The WILD Foundation and Rewilding Europe have extended their partnership by signing a ‘Collaborative Conservation Agreement’ for 2014-2015. The partnership will build on the successful cooperation thus far and will focus on building further […]

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Mali poachers caught!… A superb response to a tragedy

June 24,2014 by

We have good news! After the tragic poaching incident of 13-14 May, we received a superb response from many of our supporters and the Malian government. Thank you to everyone who helped out!  The incident was […]

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Advancing Ocean Conservation: Marine Wilderness 10+10 Project

June 7,2014 by

Recently launched by way of an international workshop in Imperial Beach, California, the Marine Wilderness 10+10 (MW10+10) Project is bringing to life tales of recovery from human-caused demise to wild marine life. “Marine wilderness” means […]

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Biomatrix Water: Bringing nature back to cities

May 30,2014 by

WILD is pleased to announce our partnership, through our WILD Cities Project, with Biomatrix Water!  Biomatrix is an ecological design, education & technology company that researches, builds and operates projects that enhance urban quality […]

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Slaughter at Indamane

May 21,2014 by

*For security reasons, no images of our Mali team will appear in these blogs for the foreseeable future The single biggest poaching incident occurred on the full moon night of the 13th/14th May. […]

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The Big Crane Migration to Small Town Nebraska

May 8,2014 by

One of the greatest migrations in all of North America was taking place as I raced eastward away from the setting sun. I was leaving behind bustling, nature-minded Boulder, Colorado nestled in the […]

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Vietnamese pop duo to help stop horror of rhino poaching

April 18,2014 by

WILD works to protect wildlife, especially in Africa and with iconic species, in numerous ways, from direct anti-poaching to community-based management and empowerment. We have been doing this a long time, beginning  in the […]

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Chicago WILD Cities Workshop

April 17,2014 by

The WILD Cities Project is striving to create a new concept of urbanism where nature is a valued aspect of our world’s cities. To accomplish this mission, The WILD Foundation is facilitating the […]

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