Keeping up with the ever-changing world of social media

March 28,2014 by

If you are an avid follower of WILD’s communications, then you’re familiar with the ways that we share our updates. We post directly to our Talking WILD Blog, eLeaf newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, […]

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Why do the local people protect the elephants?

February 13,2014 by

Mali Elephant Project update Sometimes in conservation we have been reticent to ask local people what they think and feel about wildlife in case they are less than enthusiastic! In reality what they […]

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WILD Women at TEDx

January 21,2014 by

WILD’s family is full of wonderful and talented people, including many fun, fabulous and highly-skilled women.  Just a  few of our “WILD Women” were invited to speak at TEDxVailWomen on the theme “Invented Here.” Not […]

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Protecting elephants through promoting peace

November 21,2013 by

The survival of the Mali elephants is intimately linked to the state of relations between the peoples of the Gourma region. The Mali Elephant Project empowers local communities to work together to protect […]

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In Celebration of Rewilding Europe

November 18,2013 by

WILD/Wilderness Conservation Painting Expeditions Silent, motionless, perched on a ledge at Las Batuecas (Spain), intent on capturing nuances of ancient lines that depict the might and manner of wild goats, I gain awareness […]

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Powered by Pachamama

October 29,2013 by

By Geoff Dalglish, Trail to Salamanca “Earth Pilgrim” Geoff Dalglish and others hiked the Trail to Salamanca from Geneva, 2500km (1500 miles) across four mountain ranges in six countries over 125 days, to […]

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Camels: the key to sustainable elephant conservation in the Gourma

September 25,2013 by

Providing camels to the local community means that they are no longer dependent on the project and can operate autonomously. This sustainable self-sufficiency is the aim of all projects, and it means that […]

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Rhino Protection Update

August 28,2013 by

In May of 2011, The Wilderness Foundation (SA), with the support of The WILD Foundation & Wilderness Foundation (UK), launched the Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative. This initiative aims to gather support from […]

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In Memoriam: Elizabeth Dlamini

August 9,2013 by

On January 1, 2000 Carol Batrus traveled to a remote Zulu village to launch a joint community development /environmental awareness /land rehabilitation project for The WILD Foundation in the community surrounding the historic […]

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Post-war in Mali

June 4,2013 by

Why is an organization concerned with elephant conservation convening a national workshop on reconciliation, aid and reconstruction? In short, it is because sustainable elephant conservation requires wise and equitable environmental management, and such […]

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