Wilderness Network & Our Partners

The WILD Foundation is a proud founder member of The Wilderness Network, a consortium of independent, forward-thinking, like-minded organizations. The Wilderness Network is informed and inspired by the many decades of work in the African wilderness by WILD’s founder Ian Player and his mentor, Zulu elder Magqubu Ntombela.  Now, as a group of closely collaborating organizations with many partners and associates, The Wilderness Network works worldwide to:

  • Protect and sustain wilderness, wildlife and human communities
  • Promote the values and services provided by wildlands and seas
  • Provide wilderness-related information, education, experience and training

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The Wilderness Foundation (Africa) is WILD’s sister organization in South Africa. Founded by Dr Ian Player in 1972, the WFSA is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) working in Southern Africa to protect and sustain wilderness, wildlife and wildlands, to provide environmental education, experience and training to all contemporary and indigenous communities, and to further human understanding and cooperation for the conservation of wild habitats. Learn more >

The Wilderness Foundation (UK)

The Wilderness Foundation (UK) is one of WILD’s sister organizations, founded by Dr. Ian Player and Sir Laurens van der Post in 1974. An established and successful organization located in the United Kingdom, the WFUK works to preserve the world’s last remaining wild places and highlight their impact on the health of the individual, society and the planet. Learn more >

The Wilderness Leadership School (South Africa)

The Wilderness Leadership School, the first organization of The Wilderness Network and founded by Ian Player in 1960, operates within the Wilderness Foundation (Africa). The WLS pioneered the concept of wilderness walking trails in Africa, and has taken over 40,000 people in small groups for 5 day treks in the African wilderness…it is one of Africa’s iconic nature experiences. Learn more >

Magqubu Ntombela Foundation_logo

The Magqubu Ntombela Foundation was founded by Ian Player, Nick Steele and Andrew Ewing as a promise to Magqubu. Dr. Player, who considered Magqubu his great friend and mentor, promised to protect his family and the Zulu tradition and increase conservation programs and awareness in Southern Africa through the establishment of this foundation. Learn more >

Our Partners

WILD works in a collaborative manner, across borders and in many different languages. We work with local partners to ensure that projects are implemented according to local traditions, customs and manners. This approach gives our projects a grass-roots outlook with a larger support and knowledge network. Our collaborative approach leverages resources to ensure that over 90% of your donation directly supports programs.

Thank you to all of our partners and friends!

Conservation Supporters and Partners