Native Lands and Wilderness Council

“One time, my father told me that the land is our body.  The water, the seas and the rivers are the blood that runs through our veins; the wind is the spirit, the life and the heart is what coexists with nature, loving her and respecting her… And the heart is what we all are.” Mayra Estrella, Comcaac Nation, Mexico (participant in the 2nd Native Lands & Wilderness Council, WILD9, 2009)

Through their collective gathering at the 8th and 9th World Wilderness Congresses in 2005 and 2009, and the North American Regional Gathering (NARG) in 2012, the Native Lands and Wilderness Council (NLWC) participants developed a solidarity of purpose and message. Coming out of NARG, the Native Lands & Wilderness Council is now driven entirely by indigenous stewards, and The WILD Foundation continues as a collaborative partner. The NLWC seeks to:

  • Support a peer-to-peer network to share resources, information and best practices
  • Publish Native-produced media documenting Native narratives and lifeways
  • Leverage the knowledge and experience of the network to promote policies and practices that preserve and protect wild nature and traditional peoples and their lifeways

All of those who participate in the NLWC provide models of how to live in balanced relationship with the wild lands and seas, and describe sustainable ways of living. They explain creative, wise, and thoughtful strategies for facing contemporary challenge


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