Wilderness Specialist Group

WILD’s VP for Policy Cyril Kormos named new WCPA Vice Chair for World Heritage

The Wilderness Specialist Group is organized under the auspices of the World Commission for Protected Areas (WCPA) of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Founded by WILD originally as a ‘Task Force’ in 2003 and recognized a permanent ‘Specialist Group’ in 2009, the WSG was originally co-chaired by Vance Martin, President of The WILD Foundation and Khulani Mkhize, CEO of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife in South Africa. Following the sad passing-away of Khulani, Vance is currently the Chair and the Co-Chair position is under review.

The objectives of the WSG include promoting research and discussion on the importance of wilderness, integrating wilderness into the WCPA publications and serving as a liason between IUCN-WCPA and the World Wilderness Congress.

In an effort to enhance the worldwide wilderness community and fulfill the mission of the Wilderness Specialist Group, WILD hosts the  Wilderness Specialist Group Forum, a tool for communication and interaction with wilderness colleagues. The forums host space for discussion of white-papers, review of professional publications and information on the latest wilderness-related news and events.

The site also hosts an in depth library on international wilderness conservation.  The interactive nature of this site allows the WSG to provide real-time information on developments in wilderness conservation.  It also helps mobilize the wilderness conservation community to respond to emerging issues more rapidly and more efficiently, using better and more up-to-date information.

Use this site, add to it and contact us with your ideas on new functionality or services that can help all of us protect and sustain wilderness, wildlands and seas.  Questions regarding the WSG forum site?  Contact Emily(at)wild.org

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