Accomplishments of the 1st World Wilderness Congress

Voices of the Wilderness

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1st World Wilderness Congress -Held in October, 1977, in Johannesburg, South Africa, with 2,500 delegates from 27 countries. Proceedings: Voices of the Wilderness, edited by Ian Player and published by Jonathan Ball, 1978. Outcomes:

  • Introduced the wilderness concept as an international issue of importance, whereas formerly it had been only an issue of Western cultures.
  • Presented programs for integrating cultures and races around the world in nature conservation.
  • Incorporated economics and banking for the first time as major issues on the conservation agenda.
  • Presented the largest exhibition of conservation art ever held to date in Africa.
  • Prompted production of major BBC film, Zululand Wilderness: The Black Umfolozi Rediscovered.

See the original program, signed by featured speakers/participants (Download PDF):