Accomplishments of the 6th World Wilderness Congress

The 6th World Wilderness Congress convened in October, 1998 in Bangalore, India, with 700 delegates from 30 nations. Chairman: Mr. M.A. Partha Sarathy. Proceedings: Wilderness and Humanity: The Global Issue, Vance Martin and Partha Sarathy, eds., Fulcrum Press, Golden, Colorado, 2001.

Asian Wilderness Initiative -Introduced the concept of designated protected wilderness areas to Asia, where no such protected-area status had currently existed.  The initiative, to recommend a policy structure and framework for such recognition and designation.

Cheetah: Reintroduction in India – After thorough discussion, this joint effort with Namibia (Africa) was encouraged and endorsed, and will be pursued by numerous non-governmental organizations within India.

6WWC CDMarine Wilderness – A pioneering concept was launched to recognize and better protect the unique values and attributes of wilderness on and within the high seas.

Cultural – David Rothenberg & The Karnataka College of Percussion, featuring R.A. Ramamani produced “Bangalore WILD,” a musical compilation celebrating wild nature.  Listen to select tracks from the CD>