Mali Elephant Project

The Mali Elephant Project is a joint initiative of the WILD/Wilderness Foundation & ICFC


Since 2010, the ICFC has been involved programmatically as well as being the largest funder in a pool of project donors. Significant support has come from the Governments of Mali and the USA (Embassy in Bamako, US Dept of State), the US Fish and Wildlife Service; the UK government’s Darwin Initiative; the Abraham Foundation; SOS Fund; The Tusk Trust; Woodtiger Foundation, and numerous others.

Special thanks to our partners at Chengeta Wildlife and Action Against Poaching for providing on-the-ground anti-poaching support for our field rangers!

The Mali Elephant Project has been assisted for many years by supportive donors and partners – organizations and individuals – whom we deeply appreciate. Some of these special organizations are:

  • DNEF – Direction Nationale des Eaux et Forets – National Direction for Waters and Forests
  • Project pour la conservation et valorisation de la biodiversite du Gourma et les elephants | Project for the conservation and valuing of the biodiversity of the Gourma and the elephants

Our first field team was joined for 6 weeks by professional photographer Carlton Ward, who was invaluable in assisting with the elephant identification aspects of the project. Carlton is also creating a photographic library of the elephants and the local people – a few of his images appear here. They also appeared as the cover story for the July 2005 Smithsonian magazine and in the July 2007 issue of Africa Geographic.