Nature Needs Half™

Protecting and interconnecting at least half of the planet’s land and water is necessary to sustain the health, function, and diversity of all life.

Tracks of Giants & Nature Needs Half from The WILD Foundation on Vimeo.

Hear Dr. Ian McCallum (South African author, doctor & wilderness tracker) and Vance martin talk about NNH during a break while hiking across Namibia

Nature Needs Half TM (NNH) is both a common-sense vision and a practical approach to developing a reciprocal, balanced relationship between people and nature, based on state-of-the-art scientific analysis and time-tested traditional knowledge and wisdom.  The goal of NNH is to ensure that enough wild areas of land and water are protected and interconnected (usually at least about half of any given ecoregion) to maintain nature’s life-supporting systems and the diversity of life on Earth, to ensure human health and prosperity, and to secure a bountiful, beautiful legacy of resilient, wild nature.  NNH requires a shift in our thinking by asking us to recognize that we are part of nature, not separate from it.  Nature needs half…at least…for people and planet to prosper.

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The Nature Needs Half movement continues to grow!  The Zoological Society of London  – the world’s oldest and most renowned conservation science organization, working in over 50 countries - has joined with WILD to explore and illustrate how Nature Needs Half is both necessary and possible. Check out the “Space for Nature” video below.