Corporate Commitment to Wilderness

The “Corporate Commitment to Wilderness” (Center) will establish within WILD a coalition of select corporations that represent an action-oriented forum to work with each other and WILD to further advance the protection of wilderness areas. The time is right for creating momentum through collective dialogue and united action of like-minded corporate leaders to help protect as many wild and un-fragmented landscapes as possible, and thereby sustain their ecological services that support a healthy and prosperous human society.

Primarily focused in Mexico and Latin America for now, the Corporate Commitment to Wilderness is an ongoing program, initiated through theWILD9 (the 9th World Wilderness Congress) program cycle. Working with partners in Mexico and key collaborators in the corporate community, WILD facilitates this growing network.

Vision/Mission of the Center

To implement the first-ever, innovative partnership that focuses on wilderness- by engaging the conservation community (through The WILD Foundation) with the human resources and innovative capacities of the business community in a manner that recognizes the close interdependence between conservation, sustainability and long-term economic growth.

At WILD9 (2009, Mexico), the founding members signed an agreement (download and read the agreement in English or Spanish) to work together and take action on the following “Areas of common interest:”

  • Protecting wilderness land and/or seas for the long-term.
  • Restoring wilderness conditions and wildlife to degraded areas.
  • Promoting the importance of wilderness values.
  • Advocating for wilderness recognition and legislation.
  • Providing outreach and education on the role of wilderness for ecosystem services.
  • Increasing awareness of the direct link between wilderness, biodiversity and a stable climate.
  • Facilitating science-based management practices for wilderness.
  • Training and developing leadership capabilities for young wilderness professionals.
  • Transferring wilderness protection and sustainability models globally.
  • Promoting public-private sector partnerships for wilderness.
  • Identifying economic opportunities for local people in or near wilderness areas.

Founding Members