Wilderness Visionaries

The WILD Foundation honors and celebrates those leaders, both contemporary and historic, who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of wild-nature.  ‘Wilderness Visionaries’ pays tribute to these leaders and launched at WILD9, the 9th World Wilderness Congress (6-13 November 2009, Merida, Mexico).

A professional exhibition produced in partnership by Noel and Belinda Ashton, The Nature Connection, South Africa showcased many “Wilderness Visionaries” in the EXPO WILD9, for delegates to see throughout the Congress.

This exhibit was both inspiration and informative. As our wild places are increasingly diminished, it becomes ever increasingly important to conserve these places – not just for ourselves but for the holistic well-being of the earth. ‘Wilderness Visionaries’ honors those individuals who, understanding this urgency, serve as reminders and examples of our important role as custodians of the natural world.

‘Wilderness Visionaries’ is an ongoing initiative and we encourage your input.  Please use the nomination form to let us know about a person who you feel is an inspiration leader in wilderness conservation.  You can submit this via email, or send to The WILD Foundation (info (at) wild.org).

Historical Visionaries:

Laurens van der Post
John Muir
Aldo Leopold
Howard Zahniser
Arne Naess
J.B. Harkin
Bob Marshall
Mardy and Olaus Murie

Contemporary Visionaries:

Tashka Yawanawa
Ian Player (South Africa)
Andrew Muir (South Africa)
Jo Roberts (UK)
Alex Marr and Virginia Young (Australia)
Harvey Locke (Canada)
Oscar Moctezuma (Mexico)
Ernesto Enkerlin (Mexico)
Ed Wayburn (USA)
Franco Zunino (Italy)
Vance G. Martin (USA)
Wangari Maathai (Kenya)
Bittu Sahgal (India)
Peter Dombrovkis (Tasmania)
Barbara Zimmerman & the Kayapo (Brazil)
Patricio Robles Gil (Mexico)
Igor Sphilenok (Russia)