A Learning Journey

One thing I love about Boulder is how many people here do really cool stuff that they care about a lot. WILD is one a small group of internationally focused nonprofits based here, and while we have our own specific niche with wilderness, we often get together with others working internationally to learn, share and generally create community.

I feel extremely lucky that sometimes these exchanges and conversations happen spontaneously over a shared family dinner. One example that I love to talk about is 100 Book Day. My cousin Katie and her son set out once a year to read 100 books in 1 day to support Reading Village, a small nonprofit that promotes reading in rural Guatemala. Through this and a few other connections, I’ve gotten to learn more about Reading Village.

Their model of working feels just right to me – and it’s been very effective. Though I haven’t been yet to visit our Zulu Village project in South Africa, I can tell there are many similarities between our approach in SA and Reading Village’s in Guatemala. So, when Larry Dressler of Reading Village mentioned to me an upcoming trip to see their work first hand, I felt a twinge of “I should go!”

But, with my Africa trip just a month away (more on this soon….) and things moving full speed ahead here at WILD, I thought that perhaps I should stick around Boulder. Here’s the information though, sounds like a great trip! I’ll look forward to seeing pictures and following Reading Village as they continue to grow and create generations of readers in Guatemala.

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