A note about the Ocean Frontiers film

Time makes the heart grow fonder…so does distance.  This is why Colorado was a perfect venue for Ocean Frontiers.  We have a remote experience of oceans…a mile (or more) high and 1600 miles distant.

The director’s positioning of Ocean Frontiers is precisely what we need  — and is so often missing — in today’s environmental work.  People are nature-fatigued by bad news, doom and gloom, dire warnings…doesn’t work!  The solutions presented by Ocean Frontiers are not only interesting and inspiring, they effectively engage people who may not be completely informed but whom want to make a difference. That’s the target audience  for all of us whom work full time on effecting change in human society and its relationship to nature.

Vance G. Martin

The WILD Foundation

> See what the panelists had to say in the Q&A session following the film

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