Action & Awareness for Oil Spill and Marine Wilderness

The unimaginable Gulf Oil Spill has left us all with an intense combination of emotions, from sadness to anger to helplessness. How could this happen? And now that the leak has been stopped, what can we do as individuals to help fix this horrific environmental disaster?


The WILD Foundation is excited to be a partner, along with The Gulf Restoration Network and EarthShare, in the latest release by musical duo Wilderland called “Fragile Day.”   100% of all of the proceeds from the release will benefit the habitat affected by the oil spill.  WILD’s approach is intentionally long-term, working on defining wilderness and wilderness management objectives in marine environments. 

Approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by one, globally interconnected body of water we call ocean. Water and nearly 230,000 species move freely throughout our planet’s oceans. Yet, the conservation efforts to protect vital ocean habitat and migratory pathways lag behind efforts on land. Scientific knowledge and best practices for ocean conservation are just developing.

We are experiencing, with heartbreaking clarity, what one man-made disaster can do to a very broad stretch of nature. Short-term resource extraction has been traded for likely permanent loss of some species and unknown environmental changes.

As part of WILD’s ongoing efforts at the cutting-edge of conservation, we launched the Marine Wilderness Collaborative (MWC) in October 2009 to define marine wilderness and set objectives for the management of certain marine ecosystems that protect natural habitats and provide for recreational use.

As a result of this initiative, we continue to work with government agencies in North American as well as non-governmental organizations to secure refuge for precious marine species and develop long-term plans for our changing ocean environment.

You can download two versions of Fragile Day and watch the video >

More about Fragile Day:

Heralding from the mountains of Ashland, Oregon, Wilderland features singer-songwriters Scott Blum and Kat Sanchez. A veteran from the music industry, Blum (multimedia producer for Peter Gabriel, Soundgarden and many others) balances the exquisite vocal stylings of Sanchez who had been a member of a wide range of local bands most of her life.

After writing several original songs, the musicians began collaborating with renowned underground DJ and multi-instrumentalist Rara Avis (Desert Dwellers, Shaman’s Dream) to realize their musical vision. It was during these studio sessions that the Gulf Oil Spill tragedy happened which deeply affected all involved in the project. Ironically, the song “Fragile Day” was being worked on at that very moment, and when explaining the song’s lyrics to Avis, Blum realized that a powerful synchronicity was afoot. The song included the lyric “Fish are dimming while they’re swimming / Blackened ocean of foam” which, although written nearly two years prior, was about fish dying because of an oil spill. Credit is given to Blum’s wife Madisyn Taylor who suggested that “Fragile Day” be released immediately with all proceeds benefiting the habitat affected by the oil spill.

Also touched by the environmental tragedy, music industry superstars Toby Wright (Grammy award winning producer of Alice in Chains, Korn, 3 Doors Down, etc.) and Stephen Marcussen (mastering engineer for the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Seal, Cher, Paul McCartney, etc.) both contributed their expertise to this worthwhile project.

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