Following up on my earlier post about iLCP’s Chesapeake Bay RAVE, a collaboration between the International League of Conservation Photographers and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to raise awareness and promoting advocacy to protect the bay, the Chesapeake Bay Blog is now active and up-to-date! Here are highlights from the 4 most recent posts:

17 August, Lessons from Lake Erie: Traveling the Anacostia river by kayak through the mist of a summer dawn, it becomes suddenly apparent what we are working for on this RAVE. Why I got up at 4:30am to meet Lee Cain of the Anacostia Watershed Society….

11 August, Middle-aged Tarzan: Remember when every kid had a swimming hole and every river a rope swing?….

27 July, Chesapeake Bay RAVE Video Blog: The video blog, created by Jenny Nichols at the iLCP, details a morning out of the Chesapeake Bay RAVE….

23 July, Rediscovering the Anacostia: “I’ve lived in the Chesapeake Bay watershed for more than 10 years. I’ve hiked many of the mountains, hills and fields that drain into the Bay, and paddled some of its tributaries…….

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