Critical Jaguar Habitat Purchased!

The Wildlands Project just announced the acquisition of 35,000 acres of critical jaguar  habitat in North Mexico.  The Wildlands Project, with conservation partners, including Naturalia, A.C. and the Northern Jaguar Project celebrates the completion of the “Northern Jaguar Preserve,” a multi-year project now completed with this final acquisition.  This impressive conservation initiative protects a core population of more than 100 jaguars.  The area is also home to cougars, otters, bald eagles, military macaws and many other species – all now better protected because of the preserve.  {Photo by Patricio Robles Gil}

Jaguars are a keystone species for this and other areas – meaning that they play a key role in the stabilization of ecosystems and regulating the populations of prey species (like the keystone of a bridge, the ecosystem would likely fall apart if this species was removed).  The jaguar is one of the four “big cats”  – along with tigers, lions and leopards.  The species is in decline and is listed on the IUCN (World Conservation Union) Red List of Threatened Species.  The jaguar has long been used as a cultural symbol; for example, in the Maya civilization the jaguar was believed to protect the royal household and to be companions in the spiritual world.  This strikingly beautiful, powerful and threatened species continues to need our help to survive – the Wildlands Project continues to advocate for better protection of jaguar habitat in Northern Mexico…

{Image show jaguar range, present range in green, extirpated in red}

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