Morgan at WildSpeak at WILD9

Morgan at WildSpeak at WILD9

Inspired by her work as a photo-journalist and by her blog (The Nature Files), Morgan Heim, a great friend of WILD and an Emerging League member of the International League of Conservation Photographers, has just launched a great new newsletter.  Eco-Leads (the newsletter) can serve as news source, but is primarily aimed at inspiring photography projects around the globe.

What I like most about this project is that it promotes collaboration and sharing of information.  If we’re going to create positive change, we have to work together, and I think that Eco-Leads is a really innovative and inspirational source for collaborative work!  Here’s more about Eco-Leads in Morgan’s own words (from the February Eco-Leads)….

“I spend a lot of time sifting through peer-reviewed journals and writing about quirky or under-covered science and environment news on my blog the Nature Files. Well, it’s time to find a way for these stories to do some good for conservation beyond the scope of my blog. The science news there really acts like teasers for conservation photography projects just waiting to happen. That’s where you come in.

There’s far too many stories and locales for any one person, so I hope that you’ll use Eco Leads as a resource for photography projects in your spot on the globe, whether you want to pursue a new project or supplement an existing one. Each month this newsletter will bring you a selection of recent science discoveries meant to inspire conservation. Visit the Nature Files at any time to get the scoop, or contact me if you’d like more info, such as…

  • key sources
  • institutes
  • journal links

Eco Leads will also feature a section called “Mo-Adventures,” giving you a snapshot of something I’ve been up to.

Please spread the word to others who might be interested in receiving these project ideas. And drop me a line to let me know the fruits of your labor from outreach to media.”

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