Greenpeace India Launches Campaign for the Olive Ridley Turtles

Today, Greenpeace India launched an online campaign to support the protection of the Olive Ridley sea turtle nesting ground in Orissa, India. This online campaign adds support and attention to the ongoing campaign, supported by WILD and many other international and local organizations, urging the Tata Steel Company to halt construction on the Orissa port and examine alternatives for this massive project. The Orissa Coast is one of the last major nesting grounds for the threatened sea turtle. The interactive Greenpeace website encourages visitors to send a letter to the head of Tata Steel, Ratan Tata and shows photos of those individuals who have already signed onto the campaign.

The launch of the Greenpeace campaign coincides with a press conference, scheduled for this coming Saturday (April 5), to address the port construction and the consequences for the Ridleys. Belinda Wright of the Wildlife Protection Society of India, Biswajit Mohanty of the Wildlife Society of Orissa and Ashish Fernandes of Greenpeace India will jointly lead the conference. They are supported by a coalition of Indian and international NGOs and over twenty scientists from the Marine Turtle Specialist Group (of the Species Survival Commission of the IUCN). Read more and support the Olive Ridley Campaign…

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