Hanging out in Bozeman

This week American Wildlands celebrates its 30th Anniversary – and doing so with a great line-up of events.  Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I flew into Bozeman this afternoon, and attended a riveting talk by Roderick Nash, author of “Wilderness and the American mind,” a seminal book on wilderness (as well as several other books and many more accomplishments).  Nash’s talk was a flash history lesson on the views, definitions and key people working on conservation issues in the US.  He added some very humorous pieces – which were funny mostly because they were true.  My favorite was a photo of a Real-Estate sign saying: “We sell the earth.” 

Nash also raised some very thought provoking ideas for the future of our planet, and I think everyone in the crowd was struck not only by his forward thinking ideas, but also challenged to either agree or come up with their own visions, ideas and plans to get there.  I know I was…I’m still mulling over it.  The evening was capped with a wonderful meal and great conversation.  I’m exhausted…but looking forward to the conversations that tomorrow’s day long symposium promises.  Possibly if I can just act like a sponge, the knowledge and wisdom of these great leaders, writers and wilderness advocates will seep into me!  More tomorrow!

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