Help WILD win big!

WILD has partnered with the Colorado Environmental Coalition in the 2012 Chase Community Giving program, and we need your vote! This program lets fans of Chase Community Giving vote to help determine where Chase donates up to $5 million in grants. Can you take one minute to vote for our two organizations and help us spread the word?

The Colorado Environmental Coalition is the largest state-based citizens’ group committed to conserving Colorado’s clean air, water and open spaces. CEC works to protect Colorado’s environment by educating and mobilizing citizens, providing technical and organizing assistance to environmental organizations and other allies, and uniting and supporting them in coalitions that defend and preserve Colorado’s natural heritage and quality of life.

WILD works for wilderness and wildlife in a collaborative manner, across borders and in many different cultures. Our vision is to protect and interconnect at least half of the planet, land and water, because wild-areas provide essential social, spiritual, biological and economic benefits. We partnered with the CEC, who is located in our home state of Colorado, because of our similar missions to protect the Colorado environment by ways of education, policy & by uniting with other like-minded organizations.

How to vote:

You must either be a member of Facebook, or a  Chase customer. If you’re not, no worries! Do your part by sharing this blog with someone who is & have them vote!

Follow the instructions & click each link below:

  1. Allow the Chase Giving Facebook App
  2. Vote for WILD
  3. Vote again for the Colorado Environmental Coalition

Earn bonus votes!

  • Everyone is given 2 votes, 1 per charity, to use on Facebook — plus the opportunity for a bonus vote
  • Earn a bonus vote by sharing a link from the Chase Community Giving app to your timeline (either click the Like, Tweet, Send or Copy Link button). If one of your Facebook friends links back to the Chase app and casts a vote of their own, you’ll earn an extra vote! And guess what, you can use your extra vote on WILD again!
  • Chase customers have 2 extra votes in addition to those available on Facebook. To use your customer appreciation votes, just go to, log in, search for WILD and the CEC…and vote!

Please take advantage of this very simple way to help WILD & the Colorado Environmental Coalition each win at least $10,000 in grants! With this money, we can help make the world, and Colorado, a wilder place!

Please contact Melanie Hill, Communications Manager, with any questions:

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