Last of the Wild – Overview of wilderness in Europe by PAN Parks

Eurasian Wolf

This week PAN Parks released a new publication “Last of the Wild: Overview of the status and monitoring of some wilderness related species in the NATURA 2000 Network,” which presents the current status of iconic species such as the lynx, brown bear, wolf, ibex and others to help further protection of habitat for these species and advocate for large-landscape scale conservation efforts in Europe.   The general conclusion of the publication is that wilderness is good, and interconnected wilderness is even better — which aligns with WILD’s new vision “At Least Half Wild.” 

Eurasian Lynx, photo by 	  Bernard Landgraf

The best science tells us that protecting wild-nature is essential for biodiversity conservation and mitigation & adaptation to climate change.  Protecting wild-nature is also essential for human societies, in countless ways ranging from ecosystem services to spiritual well-being.  The new publication by PAN Parks provides us with one more tool in advocating for protecting wilderness, and is an especially powerful tool in Europe given the EU legislation encouraging re-introduction of extinct species to wilderness areas and support of improved wilderness protection, approved last February and supported by the convening of the Conference on Wilderness and Large Natural Habitat in Prague (May 2009).

Read more about the “Last of the wild” publication and all of PAN Parks work for wilderness in Europe >

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