Listen to the Bees

A bit of interesting news on bees has popped up this week.  Maybe its because summer is just around the corner, and everyone is thinking about pesky bee stings?  More likely its because bee populations are declining, and since they play such a vital role in the pollination process more than a few eyebrows are raised.  A recent survey with-in the US found that more than a third of the nation’s commercially managed bee hives have been lost since 2007.  That’s one in three bees! This shocking results is primarily attributed to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a mysterious disease that causes adult bees to abandon their hives.  Another factor now being explored is the effect air pollution is having on the ability of bees (as well as other pollinators) to follow the scent of blooming flowers.  Without this scent trail, bees are unable to find the flowers and thus pollination does not occur.  This is troublesome for both the bee population and the plant population and subsequently animal (even human!) populations.  Without pollination, flowering plants will not proliferate, effecting not only those beautiful spring-time flowers we all enjoy, but the world’s supply of fruits and vegetables.  Others speculate that air pollution may be one of the contributing factors causing CCD.  Clearly, we should pay a bit more attention to those little buzzing creatures…a lot depends on them!

Read the recent Associated Press article on bee populations….

Read the recent Washington Post article on bee populations…

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