Make Your Voice Count for the Spirit Bear

Yesterday, our colleague Simon Jackson (founder and chairman of the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition), circulated an call for help with the Spirit Bear Campaign.  Currently, there are two major preventable threats to the spirit bear: an urgent need for a meaningful sanctuary in their last intact ecosystem and the long term concern of oil spills from tanker traffic in the waters within this wilderness.  Today, you can speak up to help prevent oil spills from tanker traffic — and your voice is urgently needed!

Here is the call-to-action from the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition and their partners:

We are asking you, on behalf of our partners, to URGENTLY make your voice heard on behalf of the spirit bear by OCTOBER 6TH.

Canadian decision makers must hear your opinion as they prepare to decide if oil tankers will be permitted to move through the waters in the home of the spirit bear.

Register today or by October 6th to be heard during the Canadian government review panel on the proposed Enbridge pipeline.

You don’t have to attend in person and you don’t have to live in Canada, but this will be the best forum to be heard on this issue. And the spirit bear needs your help.

The language on the registration page reads as if you are signing up to speak during the public consultation.  Don’t let this stop you — anyone from anywhere can sign up to voice their support!  Learn more about the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition >

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