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Wilderness protection and sustainability can be done in many ways. In the 21st century, as we work towards the life supporting goal communicated by Nature Needs Half, two activities are increasingly important. The first is restoration of degraded habitat into land and seas that regain their healthy ecological functioning and are able to supply their “services” – life support such as clean water, air, climate control, etc – -that make possible all life on earth. The second is environmental experience and education, especially for youth who are shaping their world view and whom of course are future leaders.

Jacob Sands for Conservationist of the Year

A young professional conservationist named Jacob Sands is passionate about both of these in his work at the John Bunker Sands Wetlands Center, southeast of Dallas, Texas. Jacob is one of the finalists in the “Conservationist of the Year” competition sponsored by Budweiser and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. I’ve cast my vote on-line to support Jacob, and encourage you to do the same. He’s showing the way to a planet where wild nature returns to health, and people understand why that is essential. I encourage you to vote for Jacob!

How to Vote:

1. Go to

2. Enter your birth date to enter home page (you must be 21 or older)

3. At the bottom of the main page (after a few seconds delay) click on the

“Cast Your Vote Conservationist of the Year” link.

Learn more about Jacob Sand’s work >

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