New videos from WILD9!

This week we posted a handful more videos from WILD9 – all on connectivity. Connecting protected areas is critical for biodiversity and ensures ecosystem health at a functional scale. Wednesday at WILD9 (11 November 2009) focused on “Connecting WILD Nature.” Now available online are the presentations from the morning “Global Connectivity” and “Connectivity in the Americas” sessions. These include:

Harvey Locke, “Connectivity – a Global Imperative” English & Spanish

Dr. Ghana Gurung, “The Terai Arc Landscape Project: Rhinos, Tigers, Elephants, and People in the Foothills of the Himalaya” English & Spanish

Rick Ridgeway, “Freedom to Roam – Bringing Connectivity into the Mainstream of Society” English & Spanish

Dr. Graeme Worboys, “Great Eastern Ranges – From the Alps to Atherton, Australia” English & Spanish

Dr. Lisa Graumlich, “Yellowstone to Yukon: Connectivity in Practice for Climate Change Adaptation” English & Spanish

Book Launch – Connectivity Conservation: A Global Guide, English & Spanish

Valer Austin, “US-Mexico Connectivity – The Borderlands of Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico,” English & Spanish

Pedro Alvarez Icaza, “Mesoamerican Biological Corridor” English & Spanish

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