Nomkoo’s in Fayetteville!

Spring and Elephant

Today, the mayor of Fayetteville, Arkansas, will officially welcome Nomkhubulwane to the city!  She has already gotten some attention from the Fayetteville Flyer and North-West Arkansas online.  Here is her schedule for her time in Arkansas:

April 1 – May 18, 2010: Fayetteville, AR, Town Center Plaza. Art in the public square. Nomkhubulwane will be featured at Fayetteville’s First Thursday event on April 1, 2010. The Mayor will preside over an official “unveiling” ceremony and welcome Nomkhubulwane to our city. There is a band that will be playing in the plaza that evening. Local art galleries will be open, and people come out to stroll around the square, view the work of local artists, listen to music and enjoy area restaurants.

April 3, 2010 – Opening Day of Farmer’s Market for the 2010 season. We’ll have the kid’s activity page available and will be handing those out to children who visit. The square will be PACKED with people and flowers and vendors of early spring produce, most of it organic, all of it locally grown.

Spring and Elephant

April 17, 2010 – Fayetteville Forward. Bliss Browned returns to Fayetteville to help the community re-energize and re-commit to the many projects that came out of Fayetteville Forward in 2009. This event is being held at the town square and I am guessing that the incomparable Bliss will find a way to weave elephant dreams and elephant conversations into the summit as a metaphor for what we are trying to accomplish in our community.

April 22, 2010 – Earth Day. We have plans for children to make postcards to Mother Earth and hope that they will feature their representations of Nomkhubulwane.

May 9, 2010 – Mother’s Day. Working on plans for weaving Nomkhubulwane into a way to honor our own mothers. Plans pending.

May 18, 2010 – Nomkhubulwane’s going away party.

Her future stops include:

Chicago, IL (21 May – July).  Plans are in the works for her to appear at the Green Festival, Illinois Institute of Technology, the Merchandise Mart (Neocon), Englewood and possibly the South Shore Cultural Center or Chicago Botanic Garden.

Spring and Elephant 006

Bozeman, MT (August-September).  See for full details!

Detroit, MI (9 October-23).  Nom-koo will be at the Great Lakes satellite of Bioneers hosted by Marygrove College.

Other sites to be named for November-December 2010.

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