Ocean Frontiers Screening

On Thursday June 21st, our friends & partners at the Colorado Ocean Coalition will be hosting the first Ocean Frontiers film screening at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, Colorado. The film will begin at 7:00pm, with a Blue Drinks happy hour to kick off at 5:30pm. This is an opportunity to see some inspiring examples of how stakeholders with very different interests can address issues in ocean conservation… to mutual benefit!

We are very pleased to be partnering with COCO on this extraordinary event, which will bring many marine conservation issues to light. WILD president, Vance Martin states that “two elements are essential for conservation success—cooperation/partnership, and communications/messaging.  The Colorado Ocean Coalition and Ocean Frontiers film showing illustrate this winning combination with skill and elegance.”

Ocean Frontiers takes a balanced, bipartisan approach to both the problems we face in managing our oceans and the solutions at hand. The film features on-the-ground reporting from places across the country that are at the forefront of implementing promising new approaches to ocean and coastal management.

Industrial shippers and whale biologists, pig farmers and wetland ecologists, sport and commercial fishermen, reef snorkelers and many more–are embarking on a new course of cooperation, in defense of the seas that sustain us.

Ocean Frontiers shows unlikely allies coming together and crafting solutions for the good of ecosystems and industry, while not sugarcoating the conflicts or the sometimes-difficult road to the end result. The film shows the groups as true partners in the process. > Watch the trailer

The Colorado Ocean Coalition, a project of The Ocean Foundation, is creating a movement to protect oceans from a mile high by uniting people from all over the world to engage in ocean advocacy. Until now, there has never been a unified voice for ocean protection in the Mountain States. This organization was founded by Vicki Goldstein with the mission to create, unite and empower a Colorado coalition with shared values, goals and actions to promote healthy oceans through education and community engagement.

Event Details:

Thursday, June 21, 2012
The Dairy Center for The Arts
2590 Walnut St # 1  Boulder, CO
Tickets are $10 and are available through the Dairy Center
Blue Drinks starts at 5:30 until 6:45
Film event starts at 7:00, panel discussion to follow

>>Read the full press release

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