Sanctuary is important.

In our yearning to connect with nature, understand and be kind to animals, save the natural world, and retain our sanity, one of the enduring divides is that between the animal welfare and conservation movements. It is a damaging dialectic, and one not necessary…but humans too often seem to be drawn to polarity, and to defining what is different and opposed, rather than what may be different but complimentary and/or mutually important and enhancing.

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Sanctuary is one of the first publications that consciously addresses that divide, and through concept, words, and images communicate a core quality and metaphor that is the same within environmental science, compassion, animal welfare, and field conservation – be it domestic or wild.

The divide that Sanctuary quietly and indirectly addresses is neither minimal nor facile. It is substantive and conceptually challenging…but not insurmountable. Therefore this book could only have been produced by a person who “has been there”– in the field, in the ashram, in the lab, and behind the camera. The depth of the book’s discourse amply demonstrates that Michael Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison have been there and back.

Sanctuary is more than a good metaphor. It is also a practical condition. Its message is about strength in unity, in all ways. We need it.

More About Sanctuary

Dancing Star FoundationWritten and Photographed by Michael Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison

Foreword by The Queen of Bhutan, Her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck

A Dancing Star Foundation Book; Council Oak Books

This stunning photographic odyssey spanning two-dozen extraordinary animal and habitat sanctuaries throughout the world is a celebration of the worldwide Sanctuary Movement.

SANCTUARY embraces the rescue of endangered and urban species, as well as the rehabilitation of abused “farm animals” in the United States, of brown bears, Iberian wolves and the last great old forests in Europe, of Asian and Southeast Asian forests and swamps and the exquisite indigenous peoples dependent upon them; of rare plant species, reptiles, avians, ungulates, big cats, and other elusive mammals and invertebrates from Yemen to Namibia, from Suriname to Brunei. Orangutans in Borneo, butterflies in Malaysia, cheetahs in South Africa, and the remarkable people working to save them.

Featuring over twenty sanctuaries in twenty countries, this museum-quality book celebrates the sheltering of innocence in all its forms, with stunning photography and intimate, lyrical prose. From Alaska, Rajasthan, Poland, and rarely revealed eastern Bhutan, to the very heartlands of France and New York City, these pockets of Eden preserve and protect what is most precious to us all, and to the Earth.  To purchase >

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