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EarthToday helps unite consumers with an Indigenous community to protect the Amazon

In the 1960s South Africa of Apartheid, when non-white people were segregated and subjugated, our founders (Magqubu Ntombela and Ian Player) worked together in the wilderness and, with a team of many races and cultures, saved the white rhino from extinction.

The world needs to unite around ambitious targets to address the climate, extinction, & pandemic emergencies

The danger now is that we merely try to get back on track and restore business as usual. What we ought to restore instead is wild nature and our respect for the natural world.

Defending Rainforests Starts by Defending People

The coronavirus pandemic is now sweeping across the Amazon. With no modern healthcare for this modern disease outbreak, the Yawanawá Tribes’ vulnerability increases daily. If we are to end the many environmental emergencies that we now confront, we must take care of nature’s best guardians.

The Healing Power of Nature

The WILD Foundation and our sister organizations in The Wilderness Network were founded on the core belief that wilderness is an essential part of a...

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The Serengeti Highway

I spoke with Boyd Norton, friend of WILD, world-class photographers and passionate conservationist, yesterday about the urgent issue threatening the...

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Nom-Koo’s Visit to Chicago

Nomkhubulwane, the life-size elephant sculpture made by renowned South African artist Andries Botha, arrived in Chicago on 28 May, after visiting...

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The Aftermath

Since the dismal conclusion of the Copenhagen talks, experts following the UN climate change negotiations have been trying to sort out whether the...

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Project Report from Isandlwana

EDUCATION: EDUPEG: 7 Schools within the programme at present but the project is not really achieving the required results. It appears that most...

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The WWC Chronicles: Tina Tin

Tina Tin, freelance consultant and an adviser to the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, participated in the WILD9 Wilderness Management Seminar...

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