Mali Elephant Project: How much nature do humans need to survive?

For local communities living alongside elephants in the Gourma region of Mali, it would be close to 10 million acres. At the minimum.

Why “WHY” isn’t enough

When we believe in something, it gains energy – but when we go to work on something, it gains power.

Is Realism Helpful?

Rapidly dwindling opportunities to act in time to end the Sixth Extinction and address the climate crisis leave many of us torn between what we think is likely about the future and what we think is possible.

The Heart of Wild Europe

The Prague conference was an exciting new step in the drive to protect the remaining 1% of Europe’s land that is still wild, with sincere...

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Huge New Canadian Wilderness

The Government of Canada has just announced designation of a huge addition to the Nahanni National Park in the NW Territory.  The total size of this...

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Porkbush Fights Climate Change

Wilderness and climate change is not just about saving tropical forests in the Amazon.  It is also about restoring wildland qualities (world-wide)...

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My memory of “The Horn”

(as a post script the the Ian Player Perspective – The Horn) I well remember the snowy day in 1982 in Scotland when I drove Ian around the...

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The Patience it Takes…

I tried to call you yesterday but you were in a meeting. I have asked Andre to stop at the school if he has a chance going by that way with the...

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Meet the Pilot

Darren Potgieter met Mike Fay in 2003, while he was researching digital aerial photography applications.  Darren’s skills as pilot and his...

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Ecotourism in the Gourma

I’ve been studying for the GMAT over the last month so you must excuse the structure of this blog post; I used it to practice my analysis of...

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My Journey to Mali

I first came to Mali in early 2006 on the invitation of a good friend of mine, Jake Wall, a research scientist with Save the Elephants Foundation....

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WILD News Highlights

Hi all! thought instead of writing one long blog post today, that I’d just post a few updates and news items – Enjoy! The Extreme Ice...

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