2020 (bio)Diversity Interview Series: Amy Lewis

We asked WILD’s program directors to share with us their biggest hopes for our future and the obstacles they face. This week, we feature Amy Lewis.

The Story for Our Future

The Story for Our Future, the 11th World Wilderness Congress’ primary policy recommendation, is based on the guidance of leaders from all sectors of society and dozens of countries around the world, and is the latest and most detailed product of this global process.

EarthToday helps unite consumers with an Indigenous community to protect the Amazon

In the 1960s South Africa of Apartheid, when non-white people were segregated and subjugated, our founders (Magqubu Ntombela and Ian Player) worked together in the wilderness and, with a team of many races and cultures, saved the white rhino from extinction.

Chicago WILD Cities Workshop

The WILD Cities Project is striving to create a new concept of urbanism where nature is a valued aspect of our world’s cities. To accomplish this...

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Powered by Pachamama

By Geoff Dalglish, Trail to Salamanca “Earth Pilgrim” Geoff Dalglish and others hiked the Trail to Salamanca from Geneva, 2500km (1500 miles) across...

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Rhino Protection Update

In May of 2011, The Wilderness Foundation (SA), with the support of The WILD Foundation & Wilderness Foundation (UK), launched the Forever Wild...

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Friends of the Red Wolf

I’m very excited to announce that The WILD Foundation is partnering with my newly-founded Friends of the Red Wolf organization. The Friends...

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In the Footsteps of Thesiger

Years ago, in a used book store, I discovered The Marsh Arabs, by Wilfred Thesiger.  I devoured it — learning a lot about the cultures of the...

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A WILD week in Madrid…

People often ask me “What do you actually do? …usually thinking that I must spend all my time in the wild, with wildlife, whatever.  Well, though my...

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National Wilderness Month

Perhaps not at the top of list for politicking in the steamy race for the U.S. Presidency, wilderness remains a priority for the current...

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