See how the WILD Foundation is responding to COVID-19

The world needs to unite around ambitious targets to address the climate, extinction, & pandemic emergencies

The danger now is that we merely try to get back on track and restore business as usual. What we ought to restore instead is wild nature and our respect for the natural world.

Protecting nature to foster local solutions to global challenges

In this post we explore how Mali’s new Biosphere Reserve fits into an important global picture of the critical need for natural areas. This need has been made more evident by the COVID-19 pandemic that has raised awareness of how degraded ecosystems increase human vulnerability to catastrophic events.

New Biosphere Reserve in Mali Becomes One of the Largest Protected Areas in the World

The new reserve will be 4,263,320 hectares, about the size of Switzerland or almost 5x the size of Yellowstone National Park; and represents a 26% increase in protected area coverage for Mali!

Rhino Briefing in DC

The rhino poaching crisis is escalating daily.  Of the world’s total rhinos (approximately 20,000 white rhino, and 4,000 black rhino), 80% are in...

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Sleepwalking in the Wilderness

Orion’s belt is now in the center of my sky.  The moon is half, waxing to full.  The air is cold, crisp and there is a heavy stillness, deathly...

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WILD10: Save the date!

WILD10, The 10th World Wilderness Congress , Salamanca, Spain, 4-10 October 2013! The WILD10 process is well underway in Europe. The Spanish...

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Wildlife for Wildways

On Thursday, January 5th, the Vail Symposium will be holding an event through Rocky Mountain Wild called Wildlife for Wildways. The Vail Symposium...

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Help us save the Fishing Cat!

Morgan and Joanna of our CAT in WATER team sent us the latest update on their field expedition in Thailand. The girls are making great progress on...

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“CAT in WATER” – our multimedia initiative focused on the shy and threatened fishing cat — is literally coping with too much water!  The CAT...

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