Presidential Proclamation, Wilderness Stewardship & Wilderness Training in Europe

Several good stories through the pipeline today –

On 31 August, through an official Presidential Proclamation, US President Obama declared September official “Wilderness Month!” A brief excerpt from his proclamation: “This month, we renew our pledge to build upon the legacy of our forebears. Together, we must ensure that future generations can experience the tranquility and grandeur of America’s natural places. As we resolve to meet this responsibility, let us also reflect on the ways in which our lives have been enriched by the gift of the American wilderness.

In just a few short day (Sept. 3rd to be exact), it will be the 46th anniversary of the US Wilderness Act and also the launch of a fantastic new initiative: the Society for Wilderness Stewardship, a national, professional society for wilderness managers, scientists, rangers, educators and stewards. The Society for Wilderness Stewardship is the first and only national membership organization dedicated to informing, uniting, and supporting the extensive institutions, organizations and individuals actively engaged in stewardship of America’s National Wilderness Preservation System.

All of this great news came from Ralph Swain, Wilderness Program Manager with the USDA Forest Service. Ralph, who was an integral part in the WILD9 Wilderness Management Training, is headed to Europe on an international exchange to share wilderness best-practices with managers and leaders in Europe. Looking forward to hearing about the many adventures and connections made during the international training sessions!

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