Protecting the Biological and Cultural Diversity of Borneo :: Summer Field School 2011

Opportunity for young leaders in conservation! I recently received some information on a summer field school experience in Indonesia for young leaders. This is a great opportunity for students to work alongside research scientists, local community members and university peers on a study of the biodiversity of the Wehea Forest and an ethnoecological study of the Wehea Dayak village.The details….

In 2004, the Wehea Dayak in East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo declared a 38,000 ha abandoned timber concession protected land under traditional law. Ethical Expeditions, a nonprofit organization, is currently collaborating with the Wehea Dayak on a multi-level conservation strategy to achieve permanent protection status for this forest. We are organizing the first complete biodiversity study of the Wehea Forest and the first documented ethnoecological study with the Wehea Dayak in their village. An important component of each study is a field school, designed for a small group of undergraduates, and open to students of all levels. From mid-May to the end of June, 2011, students will work alongside research scientists, local community members and university peers.

Students will meet their professors in Balikpapan, Indonesian Borneo and begin the course Beyond the Rhetoric: Exploring the complexities of protecting Indonesia’s forests. We will then travel to Wehea where the group will divide and students will spend the next four weeks completing a Field Methods course, either in the Wehea Forest with the biodiversity study or in the Wehea village with the ethnoecological study. This is a unique opportunity for students to be involved with meaningful field work in biologically rich Borneo, which may lead to the future protection of the Wehea Forest and the preservation of the Wehea culture. Please see the following links for detailed information:

Borneo Expedition 2011
Course Description

Biodiversity Study
Ethnoecological Study
Ethical Expeditions

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