Protecting Wild Nature on Native Lands, Vol. II now available!

Volume II of Protecting Wild Nature on Native Lands: Case Studies by Native Peoples from around the World is now available as a free download, or for purchase as a hard copy. This volume of case studies is the second in an ongoing series produced through the Native Lands and Wilderness Council (NLWC), a platform for indigenous knowledge exchange and capacity building that ensures that the knowledge and wisdom of indigenous peoples influences the policies, practices and approaches of the global wilderness conservation movement. These case studies highlight indigenous peoples’ strategies for coexisting with and managing their wild lands and seas, and are practical and spiritual examples of how to live in harmony with wild nature. They also address current and pressing needs for nature conservation on ancestral lands by honoring the past, while looking forward with tangible plans and actions for the well-being of future generations.

WILD has worked for almost 40 years to protect and sustain wilderness and wild places around the world. An important aspect of our work has always been a commitment to partnerships with native peoples. Over many years, we’ve worked in numerous countries and situations to strengthen the links between indigenous and non-indigenous partners in order to create a network of people working to protect and sustain the global treasure we call wilderness–it is both our collective heritage and the key to a healthy and prosperous future for all people.

The NLWC began at the 8th World Wilderness Council (2005, Anchorage Alaska – 8WWC) and since that time has provided a critical platform for the meeting of indigenous and conservation agendas, highlighting conservation approaches and providing opportunities for dialogue and information exchanges.  Following 8WWC, WILD published and distributed the first-ever volume of indigenous authored case studies on native approaches to stewarding wild nature: Protecting Wild Nature on Native Lands: Case Studies by Native Peoples from around the World (Volume I).

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