Quebec Expands Protected Area Network by Over 1%

One percent more land in Quebec is now protected! On 15 May CPAWS-Quebec Chapter (The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society) announced the designation of over 12,000 square kilometers of new protected areas, including 1,450 sq kilometers of the Dumoine River watershed and 1,000 sq kilometers in the Vallee de Montagnes Blanches.  These designations bring the province one step closer to the goal of securing 8% of the province in protected areas by the end of 2008.  The recent designations come after long-standing efforts by CPAWS and local citizens to protect these magnificent sites, and saving them from looming development.  Ideas are already in the works for further protection/management of these designations, including designation as a national park (Dumoine River) and enlargement to sustain caribou populations (Valle des Montagnes Blanches).  WILD congratulates Mari-eve Marchand, interim executive director, all of CPAWS-Quebec and the government of Quebec for their perseverance and visionary work.  Read more… {photo copyright H.Locke: Dumoine River, 2007}

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