Society for Wilderness Stewardship Connects Professionals Dedicated to Wilderness Stewardship, Science and Education

Wilderness – – as a protected area concept – – began in the US. It is now formally recognized and protected in about 11 countries and less-formally in many others (International Wilderness Law and Policy). In the US, the National Wilderness Preservation System continues to grow slowly but steadily, and at 110 million acres is now over 5% of the total US land territory (2.7% of just the 48 contiguous states). Recently, the independent Wilderness Stewardship Association was founded to assure better involvement in wilderness management in the US by US professionals.


The Society for Wilderness Stewardship is a national, not-for-profit, member-based organization. It unites a wide range of people to share knowledge, expertise and abilities in support of local and national wilderness management and stewardship activities. The Society was envisioned and launched in support of both wilderness and the professionals who are connected to it. It supports best management practices, development of new stewardship frameworks, and an inter-disciplinary mission committed to the long-term health and benefits of wilderness for the nation.

Integrity of the National Wilderness Preservation System is challenged by being understaffed and underfunded. It is facing ecological trends including exponential growth of invasive species, global climate change, and heavy, concentrated use of environmentally sensitive areas. In addition, changing demographics have created both challenges and opportunities to connect people with wilderness. Please consider joining and shaping the Society for Wilderness Stewardship to build upon the incredible legacy we’re entrusted with for the future.

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