Some stories I recently read….

Two stories I’ve read last night really struck a cord with me, so I thought I would share them.

For a few years now, the Tasmanian Devil population has been struck with a rapidly spreading cancer, that, because of their isolated population (on Tasmania), threatens the existance of the entire species. First discovered in 1996, the facial tumors are easily spread from one animal to another during any type of contact. WIthin three months of contracting the cancer, it becomes fatal – and the disease has decimated approximately 90% of the Tasmanian Devil population. I feel incredibly sad for this great little animal, but hopeful that current research on the tumor structure might save the species and also help humans struggling with cancer as well. Read more at Science Daily and National Geographic.

I also read last night that the Wall Arch in Arches National Park (Utah, USA) recently collapsed. This is not a sad story of environmental degredation, but a lesson in basic geology and appreciation for nature. All of the arches that grace the Utah park and other landscapes like it, are temporary features, created by geologic shifting and prone to the forces of wind erosion and current geologic shifts. The earth doesn’t stand still – and the collapsing of the Wall Arch is a signal of its ever-changing nature. The reminder is one that brings a great deal of gratitude – I am so thankful for all of the earth’s gifts that I have witnessed, especially that I was able to see the Wall Arch prior to its collapse. I’m sure that you’ll agree, regardless of if you were able to see the Wall Arch or not. The temporality of nature’s wonders should never be overlooked. Read more at National Parks Traveler

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