Student-Run Recycling Center Earns Green, Sets Model

News from Environemental News Service (WorldWire):

LEOLA, PA, September 10, 2009 – At Purdy High School in Purdy, Mo., students are learning first-hand about the benefits of recycling. Members of the school’s Spanish Club operate the for-profit Purdy Recycling Center to raise funds for club activities and gain points toward scholarships.

“This program provides students with a unique way to raise funds while broadening their community and environmental consciousness,” says Gerry Wass, world languages instructor at Purdy High School. “They’ve worked hard to generate more than $6,000 through recycling efforts in just under four years.”

How did they get this far so fast? By working long hours (including Saturday shifts for community drop-offs), by educating their community and by striving to run an efficient business.  Read more >

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