Telluride Photo Fest Offers Conservation Photography Workshop

What is conservation photography and what does it mean to be a conservation photographer?  A few outstanding definitions…..

“Being a conservation photographer is not just about visualizing the issues or following interesting story lines. These are important, of course, but make no mistake, the real work of the conservation photographer begins after the last click of the shutter has been made. It is what happens with the images afterwards that matters most. Making wonderful pictures is important; being accomplished story-tellers is a must; following journalistic guidelines should be an automatic part of of our workflow, but what we do with our images to make sure conservation action takes place, is what defines our unique brand of photography,” Cristina Mittermeier, Founder of iLCP (Source: EcoLocalizer)

“Conservation photography goes beyond iconic beauty shots of nature, connecting us with these places and their struggles for survival, ” Morgan Heim, multimedia photojournalist (Source: The Nature Files)

So, you might ask….How does one become a conservation photographer?  The best way is probably to follow one around for a while to learn from their every move.  That’s why Eric Moore and his team at the Telluride Photography Festival put together a unique workshop on conservation photography with iLCP fellow Garth Lenz and local environmental organizations.

Last year, I reviewed portfolios for the festival, and one of the questions almost everyone asked me was — how do we collaborate effectively with nonprofits?  The conservation photography workshop with Lenz will give participants hands-on experience with a conservation campaign.  More details below.  If you sign up for the workshop, stick around and say hi!  I’ll be there again reviewing portfolios and enjoying the company of some amazing people.

Join iLCP Fellow Garth Lenz for an in-depth workshop on conservation photography (September 25-28, 2011). Working with a local conservation group, this workshop will give participants an opportunity to be a part of a major campaign and play an important role in producing the images required to achieve success and produce positive change. Drawing on his 20 years experience working with large and small conservation groups throughout the world, and, through individual instruction in the field and group critique sessions, participants will learn how to effectively create a compelling visual narrative for conservation. Instruction will be provided in landscape, threats to the environment, close-up, and people in the environment, all in the context of producing images to educate and inspire advocacy for conservation issues. We will also cover giving presentations, working with ENGO’s, and how to fund projects. Work shot during the workshop will be hung at a unique exhibit at the Photo Festival.

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