Thai Officials Raid Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

We need you to help our colleagues at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand who are being persecuted by authorities for speaking out for against wildlife poaching!  Morgan Heim of CAT In WATER recently posted a blog about it…

NGOs are saying this is in retaliation for speaking out against poaching and the possible cover ups being perpetrated by businessmen and politicians in connection with elephant camps. More than 103 animals, many endangered and receiving veterinary care, were originally ordered to be confiscated. So far only 13 have been removed, and the number has shrunk to 27 animals slated for confiscation, as of Feb 17. The raids came days after founder Edwin Wiek had spoken out in several media outlets about elephant and tiger poaching. Even a single animal taken from WFFT is too many. You can easily help.

>>Sign the petition!

>>Watch this video put together by our CAT in WATER team about Edwin Wiek, Founder of WFFT

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peter says:

I believe that WFFT do a good job, but i also believe the DNP does a good job.
Did WFFT offer to produce the permits for all the animals confiscated?
I don’t think they did. That means it is their own fault they lose all their animals. Maybe they should do a better job?

Sam says:

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) is non-profit organization, they truly love and care for the animals and they working for the animals to give them a chance at better life.

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