WILD Partners with City Club in Boulder, Colorado

Highland City Club and The WILD Foundation are pleased to announce a partnership to enhance programming and networking activities for local and international nature conservation and environmental issues. City Club’s mission is to provide leading edge information on key social and civic issues. The WILD Foundation’s Nature Needs Half™ movement is a global vision to protect and interconnect at least half of the planet’s lands and waters, to assure that wild areas can continue to provide essential social, spiritual, biological and economic benefits that support all life on earth.

“Collaboration has been a signature of WILD’s global conservation success for 35 years,” stated Vance Martin, WILD’s President . “Working with City Club will build on the strengths of both organizations.” Added Sina Simantob, founder of City Club, “It is an honor for City Club to support The WILD Foundation in any way we can to help it achieve its goals and objectives.”

The two organizations build on an already established record of cooperation.  In 2007 they began Series-E, an ongoing program of opinion-leaders presenting on topical matters in conservation and the environment. WILD plans to expand this programming.

City Club gardens

City Club foyer

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