5 Youth Who Won’t Take ‘No’ For An Answer And Are Actually Saving the Planet

The Survival Revolution salutes these insanely brave and vocal advocates speaking from the heart for a wild, just, and healthy future.

3 Leaders Who Spoke Up For Nature & What Happened After They Took A Stand

Most leaders need substantial societal support to take ambitious action for the environment. Here’s our list of trailblazers who are helping to pave the way for others.

2020 (bio)Diversity Interview Series: Rewilding Alliance

We asked WILD’s program directors to share with us their biggest hopes for our future and the obstacles they face. This week, we feature Magnus Sylvén and Karl Wagner.

The Story for Our Future

The Story for Our Future, the 11th World Wilderness Congress’ primary policy recommendation, is based on the guidance of leaders from all sectors of society and dozens of countries around the world, and is the latest and most detailed product of this global process.

Defending Rainforests Starts by Defending People

The coronavirus pandemic is now sweeping across the Amazon. With no modern healthcare for this modern disease outbreak, the Yawanawá Tribes’ vulnerability increases daily. If we are to end the many environmental emergencies that we now confront, we must take care of nature’s best guardians.

The worms do not care the color of your skin…

In the 1960s South Africa of Apartheid, when non-white people were segregated and subjugated, our founders (Magqubu Ntombela and Ian Player) worked together in the wilderness and, with a team of many races and cultures, saved the white rhino from extinction.

We Stand with #BlackLivesMatter

Environmental justice depends on human justice. You cannot have a world that protects nature without protecting its people first. Black Lives Matter.

11th World Wilderness Congress (WILD11) Postponement

The safety of our delegates and the larger community is our prevailing concern as the world confronts the emerging COVID-19 pandemic; with that in mind, we are postponing WILD11, the 11th World Wilderness Congress, which was scheduled to take place in March 2020.