UPDATE: Chasing Coral is now streaming globally on Netflix!

WILD continues to support Jeff Orlowski and the Exposure Labs team as they work to increase global awareness of climate change through film. In 2012, we supported their mission to capture photographic evidence of climate change through James Balog’s story in Chasing Ice. Now Orlowski is back in the field, collecting imagery of coral reefs to tell the story of ocean change. We are proud to be a Conservation Communications Partner of this important film during this critical time.


Chasing Coral
 aims to continue the climate conversation that began in Chasing Ice, but it shifts our focus to one of the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet: coral reefs. Although they are hidden beneath the waves, coral reefs are an integral part of human survival and culture. They act as a nursery to 25% of the creatures living in the sea. They provide food and medicine for over 500 million people in 94 different countries and territories, and their existence is being jeopardized by rising ocean temperatures. We are working closely with the Exposure Labs team to aid them while they document the plight of coral reefs across the globe. Once the film premieres, we will continue our support to ensure the public can access the film and take positive action in accordance with its message.

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Orlowski and the Exposure Labs team have traveled all over the globe following the story, interviewing the world’s top ocean experts, and tracking down the latest developments in coral reef ecosystems by taking state-of-the-art camera technology deep under the waves. The film’s backdrop is set along coasts of Australia, American Samoa, Hawaii, Bermuda, The Bahamas, Cuba, and New Caledonia and many other countries around the world. Orlowski’s work on Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral has also earned him the first Sundance Institute Discovery Impact Fellowship, awarded to filmmakers who have dedicated their work to telling tales of the natural environment.

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Learn more at chasingcoral.com