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The Earth Vision Institute/Extreme Ice Survey is a Conservation Communications Partner of the WILD Foundation. Your contribution will directly support the work of Earth Vision Institute (EVI).

The mission of the Earth Vision Institute (EVI) is to integrate art & science to reveal environmental change and inspire a balanced relationship with nature.

A core program of EVI is the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS). Founded in 2007, EIS is an innovative, long-term photography project that seeks to merge art and science to give a “visual voice” to the planet’s ice sheets and glaciers. Currently, 43 cameras are deployed at 24 glaciers around the world. The cameras capture one photo every hour of daylight, every day of the year. Time-lapse created from this pictorial archive are distributed worldwide through multimedia presentations, media and educational partnerships, and more.

Your generous support is essential to keeping the EIS team in the field and supports EVI’s global education and outreach programs focused on the impacts of climate change on our environment.

We welcome our global community to join at a specific Funding Tier level, ranging from the Explorer to Navigator to Summit Benefactor.  Learn more here.

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