CoalitionWILD is a global movement of rising leaders creating a wilder world.


What makes this project unique?  

CoalitionWILD is a program designed and led by an international committee of young people. It provides a unique platform to elevate and promote the great work of ordinary people who are inspired to make a difference for a better future for our planet – and are doing it! It empowers the individual to believe in their ability to create meaningful change for the betterment of all life, using real stories to show how it is possible and encourages more involvement in a positive, optimistic, and hopeful voice.

Why is CoalitionWILD needed?

There has been a clear call to action by the conservation community: get more young people interested and engaged in creating a better future for the planet. Harnessing this passionate, intelligent and entrepreneurial demographic base, and empowering them to get involved are imperative to creating real, lasting change. What is needed is a global, connected community of passionate young people designing innovative solutions for our planet – today and tomorrow.  By connecting young people to each other through CoalitionWILD – both in person and online – and using their work to inspire one another, we will also connect them to nature demonstrating that one person can make a difference for all life, every day.


Purpose – To act as an inspirational hub and catalyst for further action in order to:

  • Create continuous engagement from under 35 year-olds in a social movement for nature
  • Inspire action globally via projects submitted through multi-media platforms
  • Provide professional development tools and opportunities to CoalitionWILD members
  • Showcase innovative projects by young people for replication and inspiration
  • Contribute toward actual conservation of wild places by having projects funded and promoted
  • Cross-pollinate with other social movements, creating partnerships and collaborations to further initiatives for wild nature worldwide
  • Increase multi-national participation among young people in global issues

How do you get involved?

  • Join the movement. Sign up on our website and tell us how you are creating a wilder world.
  • Be An Ambassador. Act as a movement builder and inspire hope and optimism in others while also gaining exposure for your work and successes! Apply to become an Ambassador here.
  • Start An Alliance. Work with us to condense this international movement into a community hub of activity! Start an Alliance in your region, and join a network of Alliances around the world.
  • Submit a project. Tell us about the work you are doing in your community. It can be big or small, local or global. Are you leading a project? By telling us about your work, we give you the opportunity to be noticed, and to be supported. You aren’t alone.
  • Follow us on social media. And interact with us. We want to hear from you!
  • Use our database to find out about young people’s work. We know it’s sometimes difficult to find young people in your region who are doing great work. Use our network to do outreach.
  • Be generous. Although we always appreciate financial support when available, we also encourage giving in whatever way you can. If you are interested in contributing but don’t have the financial means to do so, consider donating your time, your skills, your network, or other resources available to you. (Examples: Skymiles, web design, key contact, space, ideas)
  • Learn more at!

Contact: Crista Valentino, Program Manager: crista (at)