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Our Mission

As the heart of the global wilderness community for over 40 years, The WILD Foundation protects wilderness while meeting the needs of human communities, working across cultures and boundaries by collaborating  with local peoples, organizations, the private sector, and governments to create dynamic practical projects and communications initiatives.

Working Vision of Nature Needs Half

WILD’s work promotes and demonstrates Nature Needs Half, a vision and a common-sense, practical approach that helps create a reciprocal, balanced relationship between people and nature, based on state-of-the-art scientific analysis and time-tested traditional knowledge and wisdom.  The goal of NNH is to ensure that enough wild areas of land and water are protected and interconnected (usually at least about half of any given ecoregion) to maintain nature’s life-supporting systems and the diversity of life on Earth, to support human health and prosperity, and to secure a bountiful, beautiful legacy of resilient, wild nature.  NNH requires a shift in our thinking –  to recognize that we are part of nature, not separate from it. WILD is also the founder and steward of the World Wilderness Congress, the world’s longest–running, public, international conservation program.

Our Vision includes you!

Our numerous accomplishments for wilderness, wildlife and people world-wide are only possible with the support of generous donors like you. Go WILD and support wilderness world-wide by making a contribution at any level >