How WILD Works

WILD embraces an interdisciplinary, intergenerational approach to conservation in which ecological, economic, social and cultural concerns are interwoven. We focus on wild nature as the foundation upon which all else is sustained.

WILD has a long history of successfully designing and leading new movements, projects and collaborations to restore and protect the wild, and to reconcile and enhance the relationship between human communities and the wildlife and wild places of the world.

We believe in the power of collaboration, and in the importance of creating a movement that has more impact than any single institution. Much of our most innovative conservation work is horizontally-powered. Our collaborative approach leverages resources to ensure that the maximum amount of each contribution directly supports on-the-ground programs. Our history of collaborative conservation partnerships reflects our “entrepreneurial” approach to incubate and catalyze innovative projects. To these projects, WILD offers strategic guidance, catalytic funding support, communications advice and global connections to empower project leaders to develop self-sustaining models.

WILD is the founder and steward of the World Wilderness Congress, the world’s longest–running, public, international conservation program. Inspiring and innovative thinkers gather together every 4-6 years for WWCs and WILD has helped to launch many successful projects via this unique, global platform.


WILD works for wilderness, wildlife and people worldwide through:

Action – through targeted on-the-ground field projects.

Wildlife Protection – working to protect wildlife, especially in Africa and especially with iconic species, in numerous ways, from direct anti-poaching to community-based management and empowerment.

Art, Communications & Culture – working to stimulate informed and inspired public action through the arts, outreach, education, publishing, and media of all types.

Collaboration – bringing together thought leaders, decision makers and change-makers.

Wilderness Policy & Management Initiatives – providing leadership in cutting-edge international wilderness policy issues and fora.

Youth & Young Professional Engagement – working collaboratively across generations, combining skills and creating meaningful exchanges.

Partners & Sponsorsa consortium of independent, forward-thinking, like-minded organizations and individuals.

Wilderness Foundation Global – WILD Foundation is a proud founding member of this global organization.