On-the-ground field projects

WILD implements practical conservation solutions through targeted conservation action.


With a historical and expert emphasis in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, our field projects operate across the globe,  from the Amazon of Brazil to the northern reaches of Russia. We provide training for managers of protected areas, innovate new approaches to conservation needs, incubate new organizations and work with local communities to develop sustainable solutions that protect wild nature and also address human needs. We work with local partners & communities to ensure that projects are implemented according to local traditions, customs and manners. This grassroots approach is the same with governments or local communities, and generates a strong network of regional involvement, knowledge, and practice.  Our collaborative approach leverages resources to ensure that the maximum amount of each donor dollar supports work on-the-ground.

WILD’s project portfolio is purposefully structured so that we have “Core Projects” and “Partner Projects.” We do this for a specific and strategic reason. WILD’s mission includes stimulating and assisting the growth of a wider conservation movement, not just building our own organization or balance sheet. One way we does this is to establish Collaborative Conservation Agreements (CCA) with other groups and projects that are compatible with our mission and are approved by our board of directors. We share, help, and collaborate.


Core Projects

Core Projects are developed and implemented by WILD with many local collaborators. View our Core Projects >


Partner Projects

Partner Projects are primarily developed and implemented by partners, to which WILD brings substance, experience, advice, support and other needed tools. View some of our Collaborative Conservation Partners >