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Wilderness needs more wild people- so we’re cranking up the wild music to expand our community! Won’t you throw your wild voice into the mix?

Working with Baba Brinkman, the irrepressible and undeniable creative force who forges art and science into new musical tools for a better world, we’re bringing to you the Rap Guide to Wilderness. WILD is 40 years young this year, wilder than ever, and we want find new and exciting ways to connect people to wild nature.

We first began working with Canadian hip-hop artist Baba Brinkman at WILD10 on a collection of rap songs that capture the spirit of our conservation efforts in a way that is infectious and heartfelt. Baba is a science communicator (check out his previous hit, The Rap Guide to Evolution) and worked for 12 years in the Canadian Wilderness as a tree planter, so we knew he’d be a perfect fit for this project. Though rap & hip-hop music may not be for everyone, this project is aimed at reaching out to a totally new demographic of people outside of our wilderness community. We asked ourselves…how does one communicate the importance of wilderness to someone? Our answer was…with music! And so, we decided to create a professionally produced Rap Guide to Wilderness album that encompasses everything about the wildness of nature. Some of the things you’ll hear about in this album: what it’s like to go WILD, howling wolves, a visit to Walden Pond, the tranquility of nature, and more!

Baba Brinkman at WILD10

Listen to the lead single, “Go WILD!”

Baba was booked to perform at the World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia in November 2014; a once-every-ten-years meeting of the world’s conservation organizations, both government and nonprofit. We created a 30-day crowdfunding campaign to just get the project completed in time for Baba to premiere the Rap Guide to Wilderness album on the world stage at WPC2014. We’re thrilled to announce that the album is now on sale! Purchase the album through our online store, and check out his “WILD10 Rap Up” video, performed live at WILD10 in Salamanca, Spain! Half of the net profits from album sales will go to WILD’s conservation programs.

Track List & Lyrics:

  1. Go WILD
  2. Tranquility Bank
  3. Party of Life
  4. Walden Pond
  5. Bottleneck
  6. Never Cry Wolf
  7. Seed Pod

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